Licensure Examination in the Philippines

Board examinations determine the competence of professionals. The PRC ensures and safeguards the integrity of all board examinations. Licensure examinations of the various regulatory boards are administered and conducted, in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated, by the PRC.

Licensure examinations in the Philippines are computerized. The syllabi or tables of specifications of the subjects for examinations are prepared, adopted and issued, in consultation with the academe. The questions are then prepared within the scope of the said syllabus or table of specifications of the subject for examination.

Based on the passing ratio and overall performance of students in board examinations, the Commission has adopted and instituted a comprehensive rating system for universities, colleges, and training institutes.

After passing the board exam, examinees are ready to be admitted to the practice of the profession or occupation. The PRC, enters the names on its registry book and computerized database. It issues certificates of registration/professional license, bearing the registrant's name, picture, and registration number. The certificate of registration/professional license is signed by all the members of the Board concerned and the Chairperson. The official seal of the Board and the PRC affixed thereto which certificate shall be the authority to practice.