Chemist is any person, who is a holder of a valid certificate of registration and professional identification card issued by the Board of Chemistry, who for fee, salary or other compensation or reward to himself or to another person renders professional service requiring the use and application of chemical knowledge, and/or chemical or physico-chemical processes.

Board is the Professional Regulatory Board of Chemistry in the Philippines which is created under Republic Act No. 754.

Except as otherwise specifically allowed under the provisions of R.A. 754, an examination is required to be undergone by all applicants for registration as chemists.

Applicants for exam and for a certificate, prior to admission to chemist board examination, shall establish to the satisfaction of the Board:
a. He is at least twenty-one years of age and a citizen of the Philippines.
b. He is of good reputation and moral character.
c. He has graduated in chemistry from a school, college or university recognized by the Government after completing a resident collegiate course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, of not less than four years, or its equivalent Bachelor’s degree with at least sixty university units in chemistry. Two and a half years of practical experience in chemistry may be considered a sufficient equivalent for every year of college education. Applicants below twenty-one years of age may be allowed to take the examination, but the certificate of registration shall be withheld until the candidate has reached the age of twenty-one years.

Scope of Chemist Board Examination

The examination shall include:
1. General chemistry
2. Analytical chemistry
3. Industrial chemistry
4. Allied subjects
5. Specialization

Specialization is a choice of any branch of chemistry from an advance standpoint, either applied, analytical, or theoretical. It shall be the duty of the Board to prepare the program of examination to be submitted to the President of the Philippines through the Commissioner of PRC for approval and to publish the same as approved at least six months before the date of the examination wherein it is six months before the date of the examination wherein it is to be used. Any alteration or amendment that the Board may later wish to introduce in said program shall also be approved by the President of the Philippines and published at least six months before the date of the examination.

Oath of Professional

All successful examinees shall be required to take an Oath of Professional before the Board or any government official authorized by PRC to administer oaths, before entering upon the Practice of Chemistry.

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