Geodetic Engineer

Geodetic Engineer is a natural person who has been issued a Certificate of Registration by the Board of Geodetic Engineering and has taken the Oath of Profession of Geodetic Engineers in accordance to Philippine Geodetic Engineering Act of 1998.

Board refers to the Professional Regulatory Board of Geodetic Engineering in the Philippines.

A licensure examination is required to be undergone and passed by all applicants for registration for the practice of geodetic engineering as provided for in R.A. 8560.

Applicants for geodetic engineer board examination shall establish the following to the satisfaction of the Board:
a. That he is a citizen of the Philippines
b: That he is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering in a school, academy, insitute or college duly recognized by the Philippine Government.

Scope of Geodetic Engineer Board Examination

These subjects and their syllabi may be amended by the Board so as to conform to technological changes brought about by continuing trends in the geodetic engineering.

The examination shall include but not limited to the following subjects:
1. Mathematics
2. Theory and practice of surveying
3. Property surveying including isolated, cadastral, mineral and mining surveys
4. Cartography and photogrammetry
5. Geodesy, geodetic surveying and least squares
6. Engineering surveys and construction surveying
7. Laws on natural resources including laws on property, land registration and agrarian reform
8. Laws on obligations and contracts
9. Code of ethics of the profession

Based on Sec. 15 of Republic Act No. 8560, in order to pass the examination an examinee must obtain a weighted general average of seventy percent (70%), with no grade lower than fifty-five percent (55%) in any of the above mentioned subjects.

Oath of Profession

All successful examinees shall be required to take an oath of profession before any member of the Board or before any government official authorized by PRC or any person authorized by law to administer oaths before entering the practice of geodetic engineering in the Philippines.

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