Master Plumber

Master plumber is a person duly registered with the Board of Master Plumber in the manner as provided in Philippine Plumbing Law.

Board is the Professional Regulatory Board of Plumber which is under the administrative control and supervision of the PRC of the Philippines.

An examination is required to be undergone and passed by all applicants for registration as master plumber in the Philippines.

All applicants shall, prior to the date of the examination, establish to the satisfaction of the Board:
a. He is at least twenty one (21) years of age.
b. He is a citizen of the Philippines.
c. He is of good moral character.
d. He is at least a high school graduate.
e. He has at least five years of experience in actual plumbing work under the supervision of a registered master plumber.

Scope of Master Plumber Board Examination

The examination covers these subjects:
a. Plumbing arithmetic
b. Plumbing Code
c. Sanitation, plumbing design and installation
d. Practical problems
e. Oral practice problems and experience

Oath of Profession

All successful examinees shall be required to take a professional oath before the Board of Master Plumber or any government official authorized by PRC to administer oaths, before entering upon the trade of registered master plumber.

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