Nurse refers to an individual who is a bona fide holder of a Certificate of Registration and Professional Identification Card issued by the Regulatory Board for Nursing and by the Professional Regulation Commission in accordance with Republic Act No. 9173.

A written licensure examination, given by the Board of Nursing, is required to all license aplicants to pass.

Applicants for board examination must meet the following qualifications at the time of filing of applications:
a. He/she is a citizen of the Philippines, or a citizen or subject of a country which permits Filipino nurses to practice within its territorial limits on the same basis as the subject or citizen of such country: Provided, That the requirements for the registration or licensing of nurses in said country are substantially the same as those prescribed in Republic Act No. 9173
b. He/she is of good moral character.
c. He/she is a holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from a college or university that complies with the standards of nursing education duly recognized by the proper government agency.

Scope of Nurse Board Examination

The scope of the licensure examination for the practice of nursing in the Philippines shall be determined by the Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing. The Board shall take into consideration the objectives of the nursing curriculum, the broad areas of nursing, and other related disciplines and competencies in determining the subjects of examinations.

An examinee must obtain a general average of at least seventy-five percent (75%) with a rating of not below sixty percent (60%) in any subject to pass the nurse board exam. An examinee who obtains an average rating of seventy-five percent (75%) or higher but gets a rating below sixty percent (60%) in any subject must take the examination again but only in the subject or subjects where he/she is rated below sixty percent (60%). An examinee must obtain a rating of at least seventy-five percent (75%) in the subject or subjects repeated, to pass the succeeding examination.

Oath of Profession

All successful candidates in the Nursing Board Exam shall be required to take an oath of profession before the Board or any government official authorized to administer oaths prior to entering upon the nursing practice in the Philippines.

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